Warden Armor
Warden Armor
Type Medium Armor
Requires Powered Armor
Cost §300 (§600)
40 (90) Alien Alloys
20 (75) Elerium Crystals
Health +6
Armor +1
Extras Extra utility item slot.

The Warden Armor is a third tier medium armor in XCOM 2, offering greater up-front protection than a Wraith Suit but less than a W.A.R. Suit. Like the Predator Armor, it provides a second slot for Utility Items (XCOM 2).

Our new mastery of the alien's Elerium technology has lead us to the ultimate in battle armor: the Warden Armor. Elerium powered armor provides unprecedented survivability and versatility in the battle against increasingly powerful alien enemies.

–Build Item description

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