Warden Armor
Warden Armor
Type Medium Armor
Requires Powered Armor
Cost §300 (§600)
40 (90) Alien Alloys
20 (75) Elerium Crystals
Health +6
Armor +1
Extras Extra utility item slot.

The Warden Armor is a third tier medium armor in XCOM 2.

Description Edit

Our new mastery of the alien's Elerium technology has lead us to the ultimate in battle armor: the Warden Armor. Elerium powered armor provides unprecedented survivability and versatility in the battle against increasingly powerful alien enemies.

–Build Item description

Like the Predator Armor, the Warden Armor provides a second slot for Utilities while also further boosting the health of the wearer.

Unlike previous upgrade-based medium armors, the Warden Armor grants a single armor point, further increasing durability of the soldiers wearing it.

It is automatically applied to all soldiers wearing Predator or Kevlar Armor when the upgrade is purchased, and it is in infinite quantity.

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