W.A.R. Suit
W.a.r. suit
Type Heavy Armor
Requires W.A.R. Suit Project
Health +6
Armor 2
Extras Shieldwall

The W.A.R. Suit is a heavy armor in XCOM 2, and is a more advanced version of the E.X.O. Suit

In-Game DescriptionEdit

This powered heavy battle armor grants massive damage resistance and survivability, as well as a wrist-mounted Heavy Weapon hardpoint. The W.A.R. Suit can also generate temporary cover for allies with its powerful "Shieldwall" technology.

Tactical InfoEdit

  • The W.A.R. Suit allows a soldier to wrist mount a heavy weapon.
  • The W.A.R. Suit grants the "Shieldwall" ability, allowing the wearer to temporarily act as high cover for squadmates.


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