Venom Rounds
Type Ammo
Prerequisite Experimental Ammo
Required Resources Elerium Core
Damage +1
Effect Inflicts Poisoned.

The Venom Rounds are a utility item in XCOM 2. Like other experimental ammunition types, Venom Rounds are manufactured in the Proving Ground.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

The tips of these rounds contain microcapsules of a fast- acting toxin effective on organic aliens and humans alike, poisoning the target on impact and dealing bonus damage.

Tactical InfoEdit

  • These rounds do extra damage and can poison any organic target they hit.


  • Behaves as normal ammo against mechanical enemies.
  • Enemies may have Venom Rounds if the specific Dark Event (Viper Rounds) is active.
  • Venom Rounds inflict Poisoned, which does 1 point of Poison damage, lasts for 5 turns, and will reduce the Aim of the afflicted. They are better against targets who have a higher Aim or overall better for reducing enemy effectiveness in the field as opposed to Dragon Rounds.

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