Venn Brace
TheBureau VennBrace
Type Gauntlet
Class All Classes
Ammo N/A, infinite
Found In N/A, given at the start of The Scientist (base game)

Starting (Hangar 6: R&D)

Damage High
Effective Range Melee

The Venn Brace is a weapon in The Bureau: XCOM Declassifed.

Tactical InfoEdit

The Venn Brace is a melee-augmenting device likely invented by Dr. Heinrich Dresner and serves an upgrade over an agent's bare fists. It deals a high amount of damage with every punch while also visibly electrocuting the victim. An agent's Venn Brace is connected to his currently equipped backpack (if there is one) via a series of cables and metal tubing.

According to Dr. Alan Weir, striking an enemy with the Venn Brace allows XCOM to capture them for studying, similar to Enemy Unknown's Arc Thrower, albeit a melee-ranged one. It also allows the wearer to use alien weapons and can store certain beings, a prime example of which is an Ethereal.

All agents can use, and are equipped with, different variants of the Venn Brace.


Agent William Carter automatically acquires the Venn Brace at the start of The Scientist, where it enables him the use of the Scatter Laser found later on. The device is transferred to the secondary protagonist in the final mission.

Agent Nico DaSilva also starts the Hangar 6: R&D campaign equipped with one.

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