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UFO Landing Site is one of the mission types in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

UFO Landing Site missions are identical to UFO Crash Site missions in every regard except mission acquisition and that all alien crew and equipment are alive and functional at the start of the mission.

Mission BriefEdit

Satellite data indicates that a UFO has touched down, high probability of enemy operation in progress. Expect to face a full complement of enemy crew.

Mission ObjectivesEdit

  • Locate and neutralize all enemy forces
  • Locate and gain access to the UFO


This type of mission is available at any stage of the game, and happens randomly, as part of the "random event pool" which also includes UFO detection and city-based missions. It becomes more common after the Hyperwave Communication facility is activated. Unlike UFO Crash Site, it doesn't require interception of enemy craft. The Skyranger with the strike team can be sent to the UFO immediately when the UFO is discovered. 

Mission SiteEdit

UFO Landing Site missions always take place in rural areas, with no civilians. The terrain appears to be generated randomly, but the layout of enemy craft is fixed and depends on the type of the UFO landed.

The Skyranger lands at a distance from the enemy UFO and the ground team is required to make its way to the UFO on foot. There are always enemy forces scattered through the area, and some of the alien soldiers often reside inside the UFO.

Enemy TypesEdit

Depending on the size of the UFO and the stage of the invasion, these missions can feature every enemy type, with the exception of Zombies.

Outsiders are a unique enemy type that always appear in core navigation rooms on alien ships, and are no longer encountered after XCOM successfully raids the alien base.


If the alien craft is a small ship, it is likely that there will be alien forces scattered throughout the area. Often, some of them will roam the map. Due to this, it is advisable to progress through the area carefully. Soldiers should always keep to cover, try to keep to full cover if possible, and be able to use Overwatch every turn.

On big alien ships, distinguished by a rectangular or otherwise non-rounded shape, most of the enemy force often reside within the craft, sometimes roaming the ship. It is best to progress through the ship carefully, with minimal movement and good positioning. There are many open areas within these ships, and taking a position that allows to see through the whole area carries a risk of making the soldier visible to every enemy group within the area, thus alerting them. Due to this, it is advisable, perhaps counterintuitively, to keep positions that allow the soldiers to watch each other's back and open reaction fire when an enemy approaches any team member, but at the same time avoid having too good visibility into the areas that have not been scouted yet.


UFO Landing Site missions don't provide any extra rewards from the Council nations, but they bring a substantial reward on their own in the form of loot from the alien craft. Aside from alien corpses, Weapon Fragments, and any intact weapons from enemies captured alive, the ship is looted for artifacts, including:

Quantities vary. Artifacts can be damaged during ground assaults by gunfire and/or explosions; they serve no purpose other than to be sold at the Gray Market at a discount.

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