XEU UFO Flight Computer NR

UFO Flight Computer is an alien artifact in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

This system appears to be primarily focused on navigation and celestial mapping, while also providing high-speed collision avoidance during flight.

Gray Market description


UFO Flight Computers can be recovered following successful UFO landing and crash site missions involving all classes of alien ships. Small Scouts can yield a maximum of two computers, while larger ships can yield up to four.

Gray Market ValueEdit



Engineering Projects Foundry Projects
Blaster Launcher 2 Stealth Satellites 3 
Firestorm 2
Research Projects XCOM Facilities
Alien Nav Computer 2 Satellite Nexus 2 


  • UFO Flight Computers can be damaged, rendering them unsuitable for use in projects and lowering their value at the Gray Market.
  • Equipping Interceptors with an EMP Cannon improves the odds of finding an undamaged computer at the ensuing crash site.


  • The original UFO: Enemy Unknown (1994) states that UFO navigational computers are based on optical processors arranged in network fashion.


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