With the fall of Earth's organized governments to the aliens and their subsumption into ADVENT, an organization known as the Resistance has taken up the fight against alien occupation of Earth and the reduction of humanity into a subservient species. Compared to the Council that preceded it, the Resistance is far less prepared and equipped to fight this war, lacking even the ability to coordinate operations on any basis larger than a single country.

This changes with the return of the Commander and the subsequent return of XCOM. The Commander provides the Resistance with a unifying vision and the tactical prowess necessary to outsmart an enemy that controls the majority of the planet. XCOM and its Avenger, meanwhile, provide the infrastructure that allows the Resistance to finally communicate among itself and interact with its de facto leaders. With the Spokesman giving it a single voice and XCOM giving it experienced muscle, the Resistance may finally be able to advance beyond scattered bombings and raids and start actually making a dent in the monolith they've chosen to fight.

The Resistance is XCOM 2's version of the Council, the backing organization that funds XCOM and provides it with intelligence and objectives. There are many similarities between the two, but not everything is exactly the same. The Resistance, via the Spokesman, will only ever contact XCOM directly under three circumstances:

  1. To propose a new Resistance mission, usually involving a VIP under the control or protection of ADVENT.
  2. To discuss the Avatar Project.
  3. To present the monthly report/assessment, and financial award.

Resistance Regions Edit

Africa Asia Europe North America South America Oceania

West Africa

East Africa

South Africa

West Asia

East Asia

New India

New Arctic

Western Europe

Eastern Europe

Western U.S

Eastern U.S.

New Mexico

New Chile

New Brazil

New Australia

New Indonesia

There are still sixteen major regions to the world, just as there were sixteen funding countries on the Council. However, due to the disestablishment of countries and some major population shuffling on the part of ADVENT, there are now six major continents instead of five.

Whereas the original XCOM began with the support of all its countries and had to try and keep them in the fold, the new XCOM starts with the support of only one region, the home of the Resistance HQ, and must bring the rest of the world into the fold bit by bit. This is done by spreading the Resistance Radio network through use of local relays and powerful comm centers at XCOM's base itself.

Each continent, when fully established, will provide a powerful bonus to XCOM--however, these bonuses are randomized each game and you'll never know what you'll get.

Resistance Report Edit

As he did with the Council, the Spokesman will present the player with a report at the end of each monthly period detailing the successes and failures of XCOM over the course of the last month. As with the original XCOM, this report will be accompanied by a surge of funding--however, since it can no longer be wired straight to the organization, XCOM will have to retrieve the supply drop manually, which will take time.

Individual Resistance regions can never be permanently removed from XCOM's network, as countries could. However, they can still be at least temporarily knocked off the network by ADVENT if they undertake a successful ADVENT Resistance Strike, which will knock all of XCOM's contacts out of the area and permanently damage its funding base. While ADVENT could theoretically destroy XCOM this way by eventually starving it of finances, XCOM can expand much faster and recover more quickly than ADVENT can organize reprisal Strikes.

As such, with no more funding nations to panic, the Doom Tracker has been replaced with the Avatar Project tracker, which represents not only the potential end of XCOM, but of mankind as we know it. Unlike nation panic, which could theoretically be eventually stopped if XCOM became powerful enough, the Avatar Project cannot be stopped without finishing the game and defeating ADVENT for good. If the Avatar Project gains 12 progress boxes, a timer will begin. If no progress boxes are removed before this timer runs to zero, it will mean the end of the game.

XCOM has a number of ways to reverse ADVENT's progress on the Avatar Project. Most in-mission storyline progress activities will remove varying amounts of progress from the bar, and XCOM can also destroy Avatar Production Facilities, which ADVENT has been building around the world--typically in regions as far from the Resistance as possible. Destroying one in a moderately difficult mission will remove some boxes from the progress bar, and also stop that facility from adding to the bar any further.

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