Tech Commander
TheBureau Outsider withTurret
Type Tech Specialist
Weapon Laser Pulse Rifle
Abilities Cast Shield

Deploy Turret Deploy Shield Bubble

Durability High (shielded)

Moderate (unshielded)

A Tech Commander is an enemy in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.


The Tech Commander is a Zudjari technician and often squad leader of lesser foes such as Outsiders and Sectoids. They can be considered a straight upgrade to the earlier Shield Commander, with the expanded capability of erecting Shield Bubbles and deploying automatic Turrets. They also have the shield casting ability of the former.

These Commanders are equipped with Laser Pulse Rifles. As is standard of all Zudjari forces, Tech Commanders can throw grenades and are adept at melee combat, though like other Zudjari Commanders, they tend to hang back during an assault and deploy additional support of firepower and protection to their lesser brethren instead of actively charging the player.

Tips & TacticsEdit

  • What makes the Tech Commander dangerous is his ability to lay down Gun Turrets and Shield Bubbles, often at the most unfortunate of places (on high ground, behind thick cover, or both). Typically, it is advised to focus the team's firepower on the Commander as soon as he's sighted, or if he's managed to deploy something, destroy it first and then focus on him second.
  • As with every other Commander types, Tech Commanders must break cover to utilize their signature power, which makes them vulnerable and juicy targets for snipers. When a Commander stands up to renew its allies' shields or deploy a Turret/Shield Bubble, shoot!


Tech Commanders are introduced midway throughout the game as replacements for the existing Shield Commanders, though both can appear at the same time after their introduction.


  • The Tech Commander's ability to create Shield Bubbles and lay down Turrets brings him onto par with XCOM's Engineer Class agents.


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