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The Squad Leader Class is the only class available to the player in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. Squad Leaders can be promoted to rank 10, and have access to a variety of skills and passive bonuses that affects the entire squad and can use every type of weapon found in the game.


Squad Leaders can equip up to two different weapons and are not limited to which type they can wield like the four subordinate classes.

Ranks & AbilitiesEdit

There are two varieties of the Squad Leader skill tree, with one being used throughout the main campaign, and the other one being exclusive to the Hangar 6 R&D DLC missions.

Agent Carter's SkillsEdit

The primary version of the Squad Leader class is used by Agent William Carter for most of the main story and subsequently by either Director Myron Faulke, Agent Angela Weaver or Dr. Alan Weir, depending on who Asaru chose to merge with. The class and skill progression are transferred seamlessly to the secondary protagonist once the player assumes control of them.

This tree is more combat-focused, with several of its passive bonuses improving the team's firepower rather than survivability. Unique powers includes Heal, Mind Control, Deploy Drone, Lift and Spawn Silacoid.

Rank Abilities Bonus
1 Heal Heal all damage for the entire squad.
2 Lift Raises a target out of cover.
3 Grenadier Doubles grenade capacity.
Medic Recharges Heal ability faster.
4 Silacoid Deploys a friendly Silacoid
5 Lift Enhancement Makes Lifted enemies significantly more vulnerable to damage.
Silacoid Enhancement Silacoid makes significantly greater damage.
6 Drone Deploys a friendly Drone.
7 Combat Drone Drones deployed are combat-focused with a Lift beam.
Support Drone Drones deployed are support-focused with a healing beam.
8 Mind Control Controls an enemy's mind, making it fight its allies.
9 Powerful Mind Control Controlled enemy has more health and does more damage to enemy forces.
Damaging Mind Control Once Mind Control ends possessed enemy takes substantial damage.
10 Reduce Cooldown Reduces cooldown on all abilities for Carter and his Agents.
Increase Weapon Damage Increases damage done by Carter and his Agents.

Agent DaSilva's SkillsEdit

As Squad Leader, the following abilities are made available to DaSilva as he ranks up:

Rank Abilities Bonus
1 Compound Exposure Unknown Effect.
2 Plant/Detonate Demo Charge DaSilva can Deploy and Detonate Demo Charges.
3 Lift Raises a target out of cover.
Down Range Increase the range of the Deploy Charge ability by 50%.
4 Motivation DaSilva's abilities recharges 15% faster.
5 Shrapnel DaSilva's Demo Charges deal 50% more damage.
Catalyst DaSilva's Demo Charges have a 33% larger blast radius.
6 Deep Pockets Doubles grenade capacity.
7 Drone Deploys a friendly Drone.
Pitcher Grenades deal 40% damage.
8 Ringleader Agents do 15% more damage when Focus Firing.
9 Mind Control Controls an enemy's mind, making it fight its allies.
Squad Inspiration The entire squad's abilities recharges 20% faster.
10 Squad Morale Reduces all damages the squad receives by 20%.

Unlike Carter's offensive powers, DaSilva is more of a tactician and focuses more on dealing damage with his unique Demo Charges and passively increasing the team's survivability rather than damage. While he does have access to several of Carter's abilities like Mind Control and Deploy Drone, they are optional and cannot be upgraded, and can be passed over for more supportive perks which benefits the whole squad rather than just himself.

As he starts at level 2, his level 1 perk is a dud which does not confer any benefit to gameplay, unlike William Carter's Heal. DaSilva also levels up after each mission, rather than during combat, thus several of his more useful abilities can only be accessed quite late into the campaign.

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