The soundtrack for The Bureau: XCOM Declassified features an orchestral score composed by Garry Schyman, also known for composing the music for the BioShock series.

Additionally, the games contain licensed music from the time period of the 1950s up to the game's setting in 1962.

The end credits refer to for additional music information. It has not been updated.

Orchestral ScoreEdit

The score was composed by Garry Schyman. Unfortunately, no official track list has been released.

Licensed soundtrack Edit

Previews and Demos

Song title Artist Year Location(s) in game
"Green Fields" Brothers Four 1960

Entering the cafe in the E3 2011 Demo

"Don't Lie to Me" Stompy Jones 2013

The Burn Room trailer

"The Great Impostor" The Fleetwoods 1961

Entering the Breakfast Cafe in the "Hometown Massacre" preview

"Trouble No More" Muddy Waters 1955

Entering the Bank vault in the "Hometown Massacre" preview

Appearing in-game

Song title Artist Year Operation Name Location(s) in game
"That'll Be the Day" Buddy Holly 1957† The Invasion; Groom Range, NV
  • End of opening cinematic
"Man of Mystery" The Shadows 1960 Base Visit 1; XCOM Headquarters
  • After fiddling with DaSilva's radio
"The Great Imposter" The Fleetwoods 1961 The Doctor; Rosemont, GA
  • Breakfast Cafe (same as demo)
"Trouble No More" Muddy Waters 1955 The Doctor; Rosemont, GA
  • Bank Trust Co. basement vault (same as demo)
  • Opening credits as Carter fiddles with the car radio
"Peggy Sue" Buddy Holly 1957 Base Visit 2; XCOM Headquarters
  • Mess hall radio, the lounge area with restrooms next to Ready Room
"Runaway" Del Shannon 1961 Base Visit 2; XCOM Headquarters
  • Mess hall radio
"Rag Mop" Ames Brothers 1950 Base Visit 2; XCOM Headquarters
  • Mess hall radio
"Smack Dab in the Middle" Mills Brothers 1955 Base Visit 2; XCOM Headquarters
  • Mess hall radio
"Who's Sorry Now" Connie Francis 1957 Signal from Beyond; Pima, NM
  • Shortly after dropoff
"I'll Never Get Out This World Alive" Hank Williams 1952 Signal from Beyond; Pima, NM
  • KNOV radio station, prior to meeting DaSilva
"Summertime Blues" Eddie Cochran 1958 Signal from Beyond; Pima, NM
  • Leffelman's grocery store
"Walking After Midnight" Patsy Cline 1956†† Not of this Earth; Medford, OR
  • Shortly after dropoff to search for Agent Weaver, on radio at campsite
"Back Door Man" Howlin' Wolf 1961 Crack in the World; Rio Verde, AZ
  • Union Power Company entrance
"Smack Dab in the Middle" Mills Brothers 1955 Crack in the World; Rio Verde, AZ
  • Employee lounge, after generator room
"Ghost Riders in the Sky (A Cowboy Legend" Vaughn Monroe 1949 Angel; Fargo, ND
  • beginning of Linda View Trail, police car radio

† Buddy Holly recorded two versions of the song in 1957. The game uses the Decca recording as opposed to the Brunswick recording backed with The Crickets.

†† The version used features Patsy Cline's original vocals from 1957, but overdubs the original backing instrumentation of steel guitars and piano with additional brass. This version was used in the 1985 biographical film Sweet Dreams about the singer's life.

Additional locations

End Credits:

  • "Man of Mystery"
  • "That'll Be The Day"
  • "Walking After Midnight"
  • "Ghost Riders in the Sky"

Hanger 6 R&D DLC

Opening cinematic: "I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive"

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