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A soldier is an elite XCOM operative who has military training and executes combat missions in XCOM 2.

Soldiers come from many walks of life: bodyguards, prisoners, and resistance members are all part of XCOM's pool of hirees. Regardless of their background, they are united in their desire to take back their planet from the alien menace. While they start as unskilled "Rookies", they can gain special abilities through combat experience and promotion and eventually become a force to be reckoned with - if they survive.


Soldiers are the ground-level troops of XCOM, sabotaging ADVENT activities in guerilla raids, protecting civilians from retaliation, and acquiring intelligence regarding the alien threat. They are usually deployed in squads of 4-6 soldiers, often covertly, through the Skyranger, a VTOL troop transport.

When not in combat, soldiers recover from their wounds and, optionally, receive training, either through the Advanced Warfare Center or the Psi Lab.


The appearance, origins, and personalities of soldiers are randomly generated, but can be deeply customized, though some features are not unlocked until the soldier is promoted to a certain rank. Soldiers are not allowed a nickname until they reach the rank of Corporal.

  • Character Info ( First / Last Name, ** Nickname, Nationality, Gender, Biography)
  • Props ( Helmet / Hat, Arm / Leg type, Torso type, ** Armor / Weapon pattern, ** Tattoos / Scars)
  • Face
  • Hair / Facial Hair
  • Hair / Eye / Skin Color
  • Race / Voice
  • Main / Secondary Armor Color, Armor Pattern
  • Weapon Color, Weapon Pattern
  • Attitude (Normal, Laid Back, Twitchy, Happy-Go-Lucky, Hard Luck, Intense, By The Book)***

** - Some customization features are locked until your soldier achieves a veteran rank.

*** - Unchangeable until a veteran rank is achieved.


Soldiers have several specializations available, known as classes. Each class has a unique set of equipment, and comes with abilities that unlock with promotions. A soldier can become one of four random classes when promoted from Rookie to Squaddie:

  • Ranger: Wields a shotgun or assault rifle and carries a blade for melee attacks.
  • Grenadier: Wields a chaingun and grenade launcher, and can carry more grenades than other units.
  • Specialist: Uses a Gremlin Drone to heal allies and play havoc with electronic enemies.
  • Sharpshooter: Uses a long-range sniper rifle and a pistol.

A fifth class can only be unlocked by sending a Rookie into the Psi Lab:

  • Psi Operative: A soldier with psychic powers. Uses a Psi Amp to amplify their natural abilities.

The Shen's Last Gift DLC adds new soldier unit type with a unique a sixth class:


Soldiers' attributes affect their survivability and effectiveness in combat. Attributes increase with promotions, and can be increased or decreased through armor, items, weapons, and status effects (like poison).

Attribute Description
HP How much damage the soldier can take.
Will Resistance to psionics and panic.

50 Will and below: 0% chance to Bleed Out.
+1% (+2% with Stay With Me upgrade) Bleed Out chance for each Will point above 50.
4 turn Bleed Out timer.

Aim How accurate the unit is.
Defense How difficult the unit is to hit.
Hack Affects chance of successful hacking.
Mobility Maximum number of tiles a soldier can move per action point.
Sight Radius XCOM soldiers have a certain tile sight radius. Hidden stat.

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