Prerequisites Skulljack
Required Resources §75 (§125)
1 Elerium Core
Required Time

Skullmining is a Proving Ground Project in XCOM 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

As if the Skulljack itself wasn't invasive enough, Tygan has conceived of a more thorough means of extracting information from ADVENT soldiers' chips. This new "Skullmining" technique could lead to new intel gains from our enemies, and could even grant access to hidden Alien facilities for the purpose of sabotage. I can also upgrade our Skulljacks to significantly enhance the hacking capability of any soldier carrying one.

Project EffectsEdit

Improves the Skulljack: Allows soldiers to Skullmine ADVENT soldiers. Also increases the Hack stat of soldiers carrying one by +25 (on normal or Commander difficulties).

Skullmining: Soldiers can hack into the chip in ADVENT soldiers, granting a possibility of obtaining Intel or Avatar facility locations. The chance of success increases with the soldier's Hack stat. However, it should be noted that if the hack fails, your soldier will take damage.

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