Prerequisite Skulljack Project
Damage 2 if the attack misses. Instant kill if the attack hits, even if the hack is unsuccessful.
Range Melee
Effect +25 Hack with Skullmining
Selling Price §16

The Skulljack is a utility item in XCOM 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Access to the alien communications network is highly restricted, requiring several complex biomedical augments before admittance can be granted. The Skulljack allows us to "hack" into the network by temporarily wresting control of a being's augments, though any access gained is sure to be short-lived.


The Skulljack can grant access to the neural chips in certain enemies, but requires melee range to activate.

Skullmine (After Skullmining Project)
Attempt to hack the neural network of ADVENT Soldiers at melee range and gain access to enemy intel.

Applicable targets:

The ability Skulljack or Skullmine will be enabled if the soldier is within dashing distance of an applicable target (that your squad can see). It works like the Ranger's Slash, and has similar risks in terms of discovering other pods of enemies. The exception is that the soldier chooses one space adjacent to the target from which to Skullmine; you can't choose a different space with the hover-and-right-click method.

When the ability is activated, your soldier runs to a space adjacent to the target, and uses the Skulljack to attack the target. This has a 70% hit chance. If the attack misses, it deals 2 damage to the target and nothing further happens.

If the attack hits, then you are granted access to the ADVENT Psionic network. Your soldier gets the hacking interface with the three results:

  • Feedback effect: Neural Feedback - the enemy is still killed, but your soldier takes 3-4 damage.
  • Intel cache: Gain a small amount of intel (and kill the enemy). (20 Intel on Commander difficulty.)
  • Facility Lead: Gain a research project that will reveal the location of an AVATAR Project Facility on the Geoscape.

As with other hacking tasks, the chance of each result is based on the soldier's Hack stat and the enemy's Tech stat. ADVENT Officers have a tech stat of 125 (on Commander difficulty). So to improve your Skullmining chances, consider giving the Skulljack to a Specialist, especially with advanced GREMLINs.

Contests the soldier's Hack score against any ADVENT

Tactical InfoEdit

  • The Skulljack is a melee item requiring the user to be adjacent to their target.
  • Though the Skulljack places its target in temporary stasis while network access is granted, once the skulljacking is complete, the target will be automatically terminated.

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