A Silacoid, commonly referred to as just simply "blobs" is an enemy in the third person shooter The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. The Silacoid is a black, goo-like enemy that serve the Zudjari much in the same fashion as an attack dog.

XCOM IntelEdit

Highly mobile, living nano-fluid that consumes its target upon contact. Launches itself at targets.


These blobs of black slime appear to be colonies of nanites, microscopic machines.

Silacoids may be using Sleepwalkers as hosts to gestate. There are instances in game where a Sleepwalker falls to the ground in pain only to have a Silacoid burst from his mouth moments later. Sleepwalkers also secrete a similar black goo that is characteristic of a Silacoid presence.


Rarely do Silacoids accompany a force of Outsiders or Sectoids. During travel around the field they will attempt to ambush the player and their accompanying Agents.

The simplest means of defeating a Silacoid is to press the melee button assigned by the player. This will heavily damage or kill the attacking Silacoid as well as preserve ammunition for more aggressive forces.

If a Silacoid is encountered while in combat with Outsider forces it is recommended to deal with the blob from a distance using your weapon. Having a bouncing, hostile Flubber harassing you and your Agents will cause problems.


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