XCOM2 ShensLastGiftDLC

Shen's Last Gift is a DLC addition for XCOM 2. It was released June 30, 2016 through Steam for $9.99.


Investigate ADVENT’s “Lost Towers” facility where Chief Engineer Lily Shen accompanies your squad in search of her late father’s secretive final project. Discover a unique new soldier class complete with powerful new combat abilities, strategy mechanics, and customization options.


  • A new narrative mission where XCOM infiltrates an abandoned ADVENT facility. Chief Lily Shen personally leads your most elite squad uncover and assess what impact this new alien tech will have in the battle to reclaim Earth.
  • Gain access to a powerful new robotic soldier class: the SPARK.

Current Game AdditionEdit

If you have a game in progress and want to add the Shen's Last Gift DLC, you can. You can start building SPARKs but you will not get the mission. To access the mission you must start a new game.

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