Requirement Alien Hunters DLC:
Locator Beacon

War of the Chosen with integrated DLC enabled
Experimental Weapons

Type Pistol
Class Sharpshooter
Base Damage 2-3
Critical Chance +15
Enhanced Shadowkeeper
Requirement Magnetic Weapons, Alien Hunters Story Mission
Type Pistol
Class Sharpshooter
Cost 45 Supplies, 5 Alien Alloys
Base Damage 3-4
Critical Chance +15
Powered Shadowkeeper
Requirement Plasma Rifle, Alien Hunters Story Mission
Type Pistol
Class Sharpshooter
Cost 100 Supplies, 5 Alien Alloys, 10 Elerium Crystals
Base Damage 3-6
Critical Chance +15

The Shadowkeeper is a unique secondary weapon exclusive to Alien Hunters DLC for XCOM 2. It is a flintlock style pistol that can be equipped by Sharpshooters.


Although it may appear old-fashioned compared to our latest designs, this pistol is remarkably accurate, ensuring that even the most inexperienced of our soldiers will strike their intended targets. There's also a chance they could kill the target and escape undetected. This weapon is unique, and cannot be duplicated or replaced.

–In-game description

The Shadowkeeper is a unique weapon that can be obtained by scanning the Locator Beacon, which also grants the Bolt Caster, Hunter's Axe, and Frost Bomb. It deals identical damage to the Pistol, but it grants the user +10 Aim and +15 Critical Chance on pistol shots.

It also grants a special ability, known as Shadowfall, which, when activated, will fire the pistol on a target with a 100% chance to hit. If Shadowfall kills an enemy, the soldier is immediately granted concealment. Shadowfall has a single charge per mission.

Like all unique weapons and armors in the Alien Hunters DLC, if the soldier the Shadowkeeper is equipped on is killed and not evacuated, the Shadowkeeper will be permanently lost.

Tactical InfoEdit

  • Shadowkeeper deals similar damage to a standard pistol, but has improved aim and chance to critical hit.
  • Unlike the sniper rifle, pistols can be fired with a single action.
  • Kills made with "Shadowfall" ability instantly conceals the user


  • Shadowkeeper is, in essence, a regular pistol with better accuracy and critical chance.
  • Grants special ability "Shadowfall" to the wielder. This ability makes a shot that never misses. If the shot kills, the user becomes concealed.
The way this one is sighted in, there's no excuse for missed shots.


Upgrades Edit

Like the other unique weapons save for the Frost Bomb, the Shadowkeeper can be upgraded to integrate magnetic and plasma technology in order to boost its damage output. Each upgrade to the Shadowkeeper will keep its damage on par with the Mag Pistol and Beam Pistol, respectively. The aim and critical chance bonuses, along with the Shadowfall ability, are unaltered by upgrades. The Enhanced Shadowkeeper requires Magnetic Weapons research in order to construct it, while the Powered Shadowkeeper requires Plasma Rifle research in order to construct it. Both upgrades also require the completion of the Alien Hunters story mission before they can be constructed, as with the other unique weapons.