Type Pistol
Class Sharpshooter
Ammo  ?
Base Damage 2-3
Critical Chance 15%

The Shadowkeeper is a secondary weapon exclusive to Alien Hunters DLC for XCOM 2. It is a highly accurate pistol.

"The way this one is sighted in, there's no excuse for missed shots." -Central

In-Game DescriptionEdit

"Although it may appear old-fashioned compared to our latest designs, this pistol is remarkably accurate, ensuring that even the most inexperienced of our soldiers will strike their intended targets. There's also a chance they could kill the target and escape undetected. This weapon is unique, and cannot be duplicated or replaced."

Tactical InfoEdit

  • Shadowkeeper deals similar damage to a standard pistol, but has improved aim and chance to critical hit.
  • Unlike the sniper rifle, pistols can be fired with a single action.
  • Kills made with "Shadowfall" ability instantly conceals the user


  • Shadowkeeper is, in essence, a regular pistol with more accuracy and crits
  • Grants special ability "Shadowfall" to the wielder. This ability makes a shot that never misses. If the shot kills, the user becomes concealed.

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