Sentinel Drone

Sentinel Drone is a new Foundry project in XCOM: Enemy Within.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

We've been able to adapt an alien drone into a repair module for the SHIV. While we had to sacrifice its autonomous movement functions, we've been able to retain its repair capability and use its spare AI cycles to improve the SHIV's situational firing heuristics.

Project RequirementsEdit

Prerequisites:  Drone Autopsy (Research)
Time to Complete:  7 days
Engineers:  10

Project Cost:

Research Credits and Bonuses:

 Name  Type  Reward  Adjusted Requirement
 All Technology Research Credit -50% Time 3.5 days
 Future Combat Continent Bonus (Asia) -50% Credits §40


  • Upgrades S.H.I.V.s with a Close Combat Specialist-like ability called "sentinel drone reacting!" and heals 2 HP per turn.
  • After Cyberdiscs and Sectopods arrive and bring Drones with them, this upgrade gives the S.H.I.V. a new lease on life as a close-quarters tank and perhaps the only XCOM unit with unlimited regeneration with no drawbacks - a welcome counterpoint to enhanced alien robotic units in Enemy Within.
  • It is possible for the Sentinel Module to be disabled from a critical hit, which causes the S.H.I.V. to lose the two special abilities for the rest of the mission.

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