Sectopod Breakdown
Sectopod Breakdown
Prerequisite ADVENT Officer Autopsy
Required Resources 1 Sectopod Wreck
Time Needed
Items Unlocked GREMLIN Mark III

The Sectopod Breakdown is a research project in XCOM 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit


This thing looks like something Earth's military planners would have dreamed about controlling 20 years ago. Heavy armor, advanced weapons system and yet still reasonably maneuverable in the field. Once we pull it apart, I'm hoping we'll find a means of improving on our GREMLIN designs.

Autopsy Commentary Edit

From what I've been told, our troops took to calling this large robotic unit a Sectopod under the initial assumption that it was being controlled by a Sectoid pilot. On closer inspection, we can see that it is not the case. Not unlike the mechanized ADVENT units, which were derived from the Sectopod itself, this machine appears to be entirely autonomous.

Project ReportEdit

Codename: Cyclops

When we first brought this thing in, some of the troops were still adamant that once we opened it up, we'd find a Sectoid or worse at the helm. Fortunately, our precautions weren't necessary; there's nothing organic inside, no "operator" providing physical directions. Unless they're triggering it remotely, all indications point to this "Sectopod" being an entirely autonomous weapon, operating according to the parameters of its system programming. This is exactly the sort of weapon that would have raised eyebrows in the past. I know dad would have been apprehensive about arming a robot and sending it on its way. It's pretty clear at this point the aliens aren't bound to any moral or ethical obligations; if it's efficient and destructive, they seem to have no problem setting it loose on us. L. Shen.


  • 3/6/6/9 corpses are needed for instant research.

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