For the enemy in XCOM: Enemy Unknown, see Sectopod (XCOM: Enemy Unknown).
For the enemy in XCOM 2, see Sectopod (XCOM 2).
TheBureau Sectopod
Type Manned Heavy Ground Walker
Weapon Automatic Plasma Cannon
Abilities Shockwave
Durability High (regular)

Very High (Heavy)

A Sectopod is an enemy in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.


An armored walker created by the Zudjari, a Sectopod is controlled by the hardwired brain of a desiccated Sectoid pilot. Sectopods are too big to be teleported via a Drop Pod but instead are directly air dropped onto a battlefield, where they swiftly unfolds and immediately begin firing at nearby targets with their plasma machinegun. They also have a ground shockwave ability that heavily damages anyone who gets too close.

Sectopods are tough, and all of them possesses a full set of heavy ablative armor that reduces incoming damage from normal weapons, though not much against explosives.

Sectopods should be given the same priority as Mutons, due to their capability to deal massive damage to the player and their squad.

Heavy SectopodEdit

A Heavy Sectopod is identical to its lesser brethren, but sturdier and fires (marginally) more slowly, though each shot deals substantially more damage.


  • Sectopods possess heavy ablative armor that must be worn down in order to destroy it. It is recommended to keep one's team in flanking positions as much as possible to exploit the weaknesses of this particular construct. The Sectopod's rear plasma vents also present a substantial weak point that can be targeted for heavy damage.
  • The transparent polymer windshield used to seal the cockpit may be destroyed if it sustains enough direct damage. Once it has been removed this will allow players and their Agents opportunity to do massive damage to the construct by directly harming the Sectoid pilot inside.
  • Use explosives or other heavy weapons. A Sectopod will not last very long against an agent equipped with a Blaster Launcher or Lightning Cannon. A fully-charged Lightning Cannon blast can destroy a basic Sectopod inmmediately, while critically damaging a Heavy in one such shot.


The first Sectopod is encountered by William Carter during The Scientist.


  • During the final mission, there will be sections where Sectopods are manufactured and sent to combat the player immediately in the very same room. They seem to materialize from pools of an unknown material and form a complete unit in a matter of seconds.
  • While Zudjari Sectopods are manned by a sectoid pilot, Sectopods seen in XCOM: Enemy Unknown are fully mechanical units, not containing any form of organic pilot inside.


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