Type Recon Unit
Weapon Plasma Assault Cannon
Abilities Teleport
Durability High (shielded)

Moderate (unshielded)

Shielded Outsider infantry, can teleport between cover and take significant amounts of damage while shielded.

–Intel description, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.

A Scout is an enemy in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.


The Scout is a Zudjari with heavy armor and a shield similar in appearance to an Outsider Elite. The Scout is capable of teleporting short distances and uses grenades to keep the player and their agents off balance while closing the distance where it can use a stunning melee attack. They are also equipped with Plasma Assault Cannons, to make matters worse, and are equipped with durable shields which can be hard to wear down due to their increased agility.

Thankfully, these units are not very common and are encountered very late into the main campaign, where acquired equipments are advanced enough to contend with them without much trouble.

Tips & TacticsEdit

  • The Scout's main tactical advantage over the player and their agents is the ability to teleport. This can be neutralized by using Lift to suspend one in the air and focus fire on him.
  • The teleport pattern of Scouts are fairly easy to predict:
    • If ignored, they will make short bursts of speed to cover the distance between them and the player and can be lured into a mine, turret or a chokepoint.
    • If being shot at, a Scout will always back away. A mine can be laid in his path to injure him when he arrives. Scouts do have a maximum teleport distance per travel, so it helps to memorize this value.
  • Scouts will generally evade directed fire only, and not non-grenade explosives. Firing a salvo of Blaster Launcher rockets near one, but not at one can catch him in the blast without him being able to flee.


Scouts makes their first appearance during Chapter V: Crack in the World. Agent Carter and his squadmates encounters the first Scout in an office block during their trek into the dam.


  • Despite being dubbed "Scouts", these enemies are heavily equipped with armaments and protection, thus will blow their cover very quickly in a stakeout.

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