XCOM2 Rumor

A Rumor is a randomized event in XCOM 2.

A rumor appears after completing a mission and reveals a point of interest on the Geoscape that needs to be scanned by the Avenger in order to obtain the rumor's indicated rewards. Rumors usually last between 9 to 18 days but one maybe removed early if a new rumor of the same reward type is discovered.

Possible RumorsEdit

Rumors provide a variety of rewards including supplies, staff, resources or even a mission.

  • Resource Cache: Supplies
  • Stadium: Supplies
  • Alien Wreckage: Alien Alloys, Elerium Crystals
  • Weapons Dealer: Alien Alloys, Elerium Crystals
  • Ambush: Intel
  • ADVENT Supply Convoy: Intel
  • Abandoned Colony: Rookies
  • Special Forces: Soldier
  • Fire Axis: Scientist
  • Overgrown Tank: Heavy Weapon
  • Heat Signature: Resistance Contacts (+1)
  • Radio Operator: Increase Region Income
  • Clinic: +3 Avenger Power
  • Gathering Mob: Supply Raid (Reveals a Supply Raid mission)
  • Gang Warfare: Guerilla Op
  • Battlefield: Supplies
  • Intact Structures: Rookies
  • Lifesigns: Intel
  • Scorched Earth: Intel
  • Disabled Truck: Supplies
  • Service Depot: Supplies
  • Mass Grave: Alien Alloys
  • Convoy Ambush: Grenade, Ammo (Randomly rewards one of each of these items)
  • Power Fluctuations: Intel
  • Battle Site: : Alien Alloys, Elerium Crystals
  • Ominous Glow: Intel
  • Furies: Alien Alloys
  • Stray Dogs: Intel
  • Bonfire: Alien Alloys
  • Mysterious Stranger: Assorted Loot (Random Weapon Upgrade)
  • Destroyed Convoy: Supplies
  • Battleship: Alien Alloys
  • Abandoned Camp: Intel
  • Road Traffic
  • Settlements: Supplies
  • Firefight: Soldier
  • Isolated Haven: Alien Alloys
  • Radio Beacon: +3 Avenger Power
  • Cave: Alien Alloys, Elerium Crystals
  • Burning Convoy: Increase Region Income
  • Overgrown Checkpoint: Supplies
  • Amusement Center
  • Stockade: Engineer
  • Air Strip: Resistance Contacts (+1)
  • Landmark: Engineer
  • Black Smoke: Reduce Contact Cost (Next Region Contact Cost Reduced by 50%)
  • Distress Beacon: Scientist
  • Faint Signal

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