Requirement None
Type Ripjack
Class Skirmisher
Cost None
Ammo N/A
Base Damage 4
Armor shredded 0
Effective Range Melee

The Ripjack is a conventional secondary weapon introduced in the XCOM 2 expansion, War of the Chosen. It is one of the signature weapons of the Skirmishers.

Description Edit

The Ripjack is the conventional secondary weapon of the Skirmishers. It is used for the Skirmisher's melee attacks such as Justice and Wrath. While it does less maximum damage than the conventional Sword, it deals its damage consistently when attacks land.

Unlike the Sword, the Ripjack does not have a Slash attack by default and must gain it through training.

Tactical Information Edit

  • Skirmishers can utilize their ripjack in conjunction with their grapple to become a terror all over the battlefield.
  • The decision to engage the enemy in melee combat can be a decisive one; exercise caution.
  • Keep an eye out to improve our edged weapon effectiveness - the enemy may have access to much better technology.

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