Resistance Communications
Resistance Communications
Prerequisite Complete first Guerrilla Ops
Required Resources
Time Needed
Research Unlocked Resistance Radio
Facilities Unlocked Resistance Comms

The Resistance Communications is a research project in XCOM 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit


We know there are isolated pockets of resistance around the world just waiting for someone to reach out and organize them. To unite the resistance and forge a global movement, we'll need a means of communicating that is both secure and discreet.

Project ReportEdit

Codename: Cypher

Although conceptually the idea of establishing a radio-based communications system for the purpose of organizing a resistance movement is nothing new, harkening back to any number of Earth's previous wars, what we hope to accomplish here is still no small task. The aliens are particularly adept at detecting our signals, with a vast array of technology and resources at their disposal. However, working in close collaboration with Chief Engineer Shen, we've begun to salvage some of the aliens' own communications equipment from within the Avenger itself. From studying the surviving log files, we've discovered an astound number of simultaneous communications being distributed through their network at any given time. This has proven to be the key to our proposed solution; with so much traffic flowing through the alien network, it should be relatively easy for us to disguise our own transmissions among theirs. Using the Avenger as our central hub, we can establish a communications network linking resistance outposts around the globe. Every new contact we establish should organize and strengthen the movement as a whole. R.Tygan


  • Unlocks the ability to make contact with new regions on the Geoscape.

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