The Recovered ADVENT Stasis Suit is a research project in XCOM 2. It can be researched in the Shadow Chamber after an evac from the ADVENT "Forge" facility with the suit in tow.

In-Game DescriptionEdit


Within the stasis suit recovered from the ADVENT "Forge" facility, we are detecting a humanoid organism of some kind. A new type of ADVENT soldier? An alien being heretofore unseen? Considering the level of security in place to protect this asset, it is surely important to the aliens, though it will take a thorough analysis to discover their ultimate intentions for it.

Project Report Edit

Codename: Golem

Having already suspected that the material being produced at the first ADVENT Blacksite was tied directly to the aliens' operations at the Forge facility, it isn't entirely surprising to me that we've now discovered the apparent "product" of these efforts.

Presented in some form of stasis or containment suit similar in appearance to that in which we found the Commander, the subject is vaguely humanoid in form. The physical similarities aren't as readily apparent beyond first impressions, as the speciment appears to be in an "incomplete" state, which I initially theorized could be the result of an elaborate cloning operation. Unfortunately, having completed an extensive analysis of the subject's DNA and genetic structure, I believe clones would have been the lesser concern.

What we have actually recovered is a "foundation," the structure upon which a new lifeform could be built, assuming we hadn't disrupted the process. Knowing what we do about the aliens' activites at the Blacksite, it is my unfortunate conclusion that the human captives, be they prisoners or abductees, were processed and consumed as part of the development of this specimen.

Notably, the human genetic material involved in this process comes from the more Psionically sensitive members of the human population, no doubt an intentional culling carefully executed by ADVENT's forces. Regardless, one question remains - what is the missing component? What is intended to fill the genetic void that would have brought this creature to life? R. Tygan.

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