The Reapers are a Resistance faction introduced in the XCOM 2 expansion, War of the Chosen.

Description Edit

The Reapers are one of the three Resistance factions actively hunting The Chosen. Living on the outskirts of ADVENT cities, the Reapers use stealth and trickery to best their opponents. Reapers typically wear hoods and specialized night vision masks in order to conceal themselves, and are armed with Claymore explosives and Vektor Rifles.

As a Hero Unit Edit

Reapers are a hero unit class in XCOM 2. They are armed with a Vektor Rifle and Claymore as their primary and secondary weapons respectively, and take advantage of a unique form of Concealment known as Shadow Mode.

Within Shadow Mode, Reapers gain 50% additional mobility, and all enemies have a detection radius of one tile for units in Shadow Mode.

When attacking from Shadow Mode, Reapers only have a chance to be revealed, unlike normal concealment. This chance begins at 50% and increases with subsequent attacks.

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