Reaper Rounds

Reaper Rounds are a new item introduced in XCOM: Enemy Within.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Experimental ballistics have led to this specialized conventional weapon load. It can cause substantial extra damage to affected targets, but the additional casing elements make it less accurate at long range. The rounds will not work with pistols, though.

–Engineering description, XCOM: Enemy Within

Production SpecificationsEdit

Prerequisites: Experimental Warfare (Research)

Production Time: Immediate

Production Cost:

Tactical InfoEdit

XEW Reaper Rounds icon

Range PenaltiesEdit

Reaper Rounds double a weapon's Aim penalty incurred due to range. For example in case of shotgun, if an enemy standing 13 tiles away normally results in a -16 Aim penalty, with Reaper Rounds it is increased to -32 Aim.

XEU Pistol
Do not incur range penalties and cannot use Reaper Rounds. No effect on Pistol Aim.
 LMGs / Rifles 
XEU Light Machine GunXEU Assault Rifle
Do not incur range penalties. No effect on LMG or Assault Rifle Aim.
XEU Shotgun
Incur an Aim penalty beyond 10 tiles (-4 Aim at 11 tiles, -28 Aim at 15 tiles, -44 Aim at 18 tiles, etc.) Reaper Rounds double a Shotgun's Aim penalty.
Sniper Rifles
XComEU Sniper Rifle
Incur an Aim penalty at less than 10 tiles (-24 Aim at 1 tile, -19 Aim at 4 tiles, -10 Aim at 6 tiles, etc.) Reaper Rounds double a Sniper Rifle's Aim penalty.

For further information, see Weapon Range Bonuses and Penalties.


  • Reaper Rounds are an effective way to increase the potency of conventional weapons before beam weapons are researched and manufactured. The technological and research options added in XCOM: Enemy Within can delay a player's progression up the weapon research tree significantly, especially on Classic or Impossible difficulty.
    • They are particularly useful for classes such as shotgun Assaults, Heavies and Snipers, as their weapons must be researched separately (requiring additional time and credits), compared to upgrading the base Assault Rifle quickly.
  • Reaper Rounds shine when given to shotgun Assaults and Snipers, given that their weaponry specialization largely negates the range penalty, and increases critical rates that such troops are often reliant on to clear an enemy. Heavies benefit less from Reaper Rounds, since their lower base Aim reduces the number of hits (and thus critical hits), though if a player adopts a strategy of Heavies closing with enemies more this deficiency can be compensated for.

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