Reactive Targeting Sensors
XComEW Reactive Targeting Sensors icon
Class MEC Trooper
Rank Colonel
Alt. Choice Absorption Fields

Reactive Targeting Sensors is a MEC Trooper ability in XCOM: Enemy Within.

MEC gets a free shot back at the first enemy who attacks the MEC each turn, provided there's enough ammo to do so.

– In-Game Description, XCOM: Enemy Within


  • The free shot appears to be a reaction shot (possibly because it happens during the alien turn). As such, a combination of Overdrive and Reactive Targeting Sensors allows for a maximum of 3 shots on enemy targets.
  • It is not known if Aim bonuses from Advanced Fire Control or Platform Stability affect the Reactive Targeting Sensors shot. If Platform Stability works like Snap Shot, the aim bonus won't apply, because the reaction shot happens on the alien turn; If you look at the info of a moved EXALT Sniper, the debuff is still applied on your turn.
  • A miss is enough to trigger this abillity.
  • Mind Control counts as an attack for the purposes of this ability, provided the MEC Trooper does not become Mind Controlled.
    • Mind Controlled MECs appear to shoot the first unit who attacks the psionic unit Mind Controlling the MEC Trooper provided that the psionic unit wasn't killed by the attack.

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