• Units with Phantom begin the mission in concealment even if it's a mission type (like ADVENT Retaliation) where the squad normally begins exposed.
  • Rangers can attack adjacent enemies with their sword even after using both actions to move or dash to the extent of their movement range.
  • Some enemies counter sword attacks, fully avoiding damage, and instead dealing melee damage to the ranger.
  • If an enemy attempts to attack a Ranger with Bladestorm within melee range, Bladestorm will activate before the enemy attack.
  • When ADVENT reinforcements drop next to a Ranger, Bladestorm activates before the reinforcements do.
  • Bladestorm will activate upon a Viper successfully using its Constrict ability after pulling, and allows the Ranger to kill the Viper even while constricted. Note: There are several reports that this bugs the animation and locks the ranger in the constricted pose for the remainder of the mission, potentially prolonging each action.
  • A Ranger with Bladestorm that panics will attack allies as well when they come into melee range.
  • A Ranger is very capable of reaching or surpassing a 100% Critical Hit chance, gaining 40% from Flanking, 20% from Talon Rounds, 5% (10% for Advanced and 15% for Superior) from a Laser Sight weapon upgrade(provides additional critical hit chance when close to target), 25% from Shadowstrike, and 10% (15% on Shard Gun and 20% on Storm Gun) from the shotgun itself. Other classes can not use shotguns and only have a chance of getting Shadowstrike from the Advanced Warfare Center, leaving the Ranger with up to 45% more chance to land a Critical Hit.
  • In some cases Bladestorm may activate when an enemy attempts to make a melee attack on the Ranger, but switches to the action view of the enemy attacking before the Ranger can counter. However, the enemy attack will miss, followed by the Ranger's counterattack.
  • Nearly all missions with task and evac goals can be solo'd entirely by Rangers using the Conceal Skill and some simple, stealthy hit and run tactics.
  • Implacable can activate after Run and Gun, granting a total of 4 moves in a single turn.
  • Through the Advanced Warfare Center, a Ranger may gain the Sharpshooter skill Death From Above. Combined with Rapid Fire, which has no cooldown, a Ranger can shoot a total of four times (twice on two targets). Adding Implacable allows the Ranger to reposition before the second Rapid Fire, potentially allowing them to flank their second target and gain the boost from Hunter's Instinct.
  • A Ranger may seem like a good choice to carry a Skulljack as it naturally fits with the Ranger's normal skillset. However, its lower hack score compared to the Specialist may make it a better choice for Skulljacking than Skullmining.
  • All sword/melee attacks deal +3 damage to Sectoids.

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