Psi Lab
XCOM2 facility psilab
Prerequisites Psionics
Required Resources §175 (§250)
10 (20) Elerium Crystals
Required Power 5
Time to Build 21 days
Monthly Upkeep §55

A Psi Lab is a facility in XCOM 2.

This facility allows Rookies to be trained into Psi Operatives and for training that unlocks additional abilities for Psi Operatives.

Upgrade: Second CellEdit

Add another cell to the Psi Lab, allowing an additional Psi Operative to train here.

– In-game description

  • Cost: §225 (§300), 15 (25) Elerium Crystals 5 Power
  • Upkeep: §50
  • Provides: Allows for a second Psi Operative to be trained at the same time.

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