Psi Inspiration
XEU Psionic Inspiration
Class Psionic
Rank Psi Specialist
Alt. Choice Psi Panic

Psi Inspiration is an ability that can be used by the Psionic Class in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Removes Mindfray and panic from all allies within 3 tiles, and strengthen their Will by +30 for 3 turns. 4 turn cooldown.

– In-Game Description, XCOM: Enemy Unknown


  • Psi Inspiration is especially useful in fights against either Sectoid Commanders or Ethereals, as both of these enemy types will likely attempt to Mind Control squad members.
  • Another important use for Psi Inspiration is as an aid for obtaining the "Xavier" achievement, in which a soldier must successfully Mind Control an Ethereal; a feat which is nearly impossible when using Mind Control on its own. In order to do so, two or more Psionic soldiers should ideally be in the squad, of which the Mind Controller should have Psi Armor equipped. Have one Psionic use Psi Inspiration to boost the second's Will (if 3 Psionics are available have the third one be affected as well). At this point the Mind Control's success rate should be approximately 16-18%. If a third Psionic is present, have that one use Mindfray (to which the success rate should be increased to 30-40% after Psi Inspiration).
  • Has no effect on robotic units, including S.H.I.V.s.

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