Proximity Mine
Requires Andromedon Autopsy
Required Resources §100 (§125)
Blast Radius 4
Base Damage 6
Armor Shredded 2
Effective Range 12

A Proximity Mine is a grenade item in XCOM 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Using high-tech multi spectrum sensors, the Proximity Mine will self-trigger when an enemy penetrates its radius, dealing massive damage to the environment and enemy targets alike.

Tactical InfoEdit

  • Throwing a proximity mine will not break a soldier's concealment.
  • Proximity mines are not triggered by friendly units, but if caught within the mine's blast radius, friendly units will be damaged.


  • They can be launched without breaking concealment on a group of enemies and in the case of a Grenadier's use they can also (with the right skill) allow the user to join the Overwatch ambush to pick off remaining enemies. When deployed by Grenadier with the Volatile Mix ability these powerful explosives will shred armor and deal a devastating 8 damage to each enemy in a huge area of effect.


  • Works like any other grenade. The only difference is that it is detonated by enemy movement within its blast template rather than detonating immediately when reaching its destination.
  • Only enemy Move actions will trigger the mine. Other movement-style effects like Grapple, Teleport, and Sectopod leg extensions will not cause it to go off.
  • Bug: will open doors within the blast radius upon being placed.
  • In most cases, the Proximity Mine can be used as a direct upgrade to the Plasma Grenade. Use it as you would use a Plasma Grenade, though keep in mind that it will not go off if the enemy does not move. Flanking targets will typically cause them to move on the next turn, if the targets refuse to move.

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