Some Promotional Items were given away for different games for pre-purchasing different XCOM franchise games through Steam.

Team Fortress 2Edit

If you pre-purchased XCOM: Enemy Unknown, you received the following items for Team Fortress 2:

Crafty HairEdit

Backpack Crafty Hair

Crafty Hair

You received this item in Genuine quality. It is equipable for the Scout, Soldier, Medic, Heavy, and Engineer.


It is a blonde hairpiece sticking straight up with the top flattened down. The Crafty Hair is modeled after one of the male soldiers' hairstyles in the PC strategy game X-COM: UFO Defense, known as UFO: Enemy Unknown outside of North America. The Crafty Hair has two styles, aptly titled "Yellow" and "Brown". Yellow, the default style, colors the hairpiece blonde, while "Brown" colors the hairpiece brunette.

Vigilant PinEdit

XEU Vigilant Pin

Vigilant Pin

You received this item in Genuine quality. It is equipable for all classes.


The pin is a black and gold, pentagon-shaped badge with four triangles inside of the pentagon and each of the upper three triangles contains a 4-pointed star and a team-colored ribbon holding the pentagon with white stripes running down both sides.

Area 451Edit

XEU Area 451

Area 451

You received the Area 451 item for Team Fortress 2. You received this item in Genuine quality.


The Area 451 is a promotional headwear item for the Pyro. It is a mask that resembles a Sectoid or the stereotypical Grey alien. 451 being a reference to both the infamous Area 51 and Fahrenheit 451, where the use of flamethrowers is present.


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