Predator Armor
Type Medium Armor
Requires Plated Armor
Cost §150 (§300)
6 (12) ADVENT Trooper Corpses
20 (60) Alien Alloys
Health +4
Extras Extra utility item slot.

Predator Armor is a tier 2 medium armor in XCOM 2.

Description Edit

The Predator Armor improves on the standard Kevlar Armor by increasing the health of the wearer, and offers a second utility item slot granting soldiers increased tactical flexibility in their loadouts.

It is automatically applied to all soldiers wearing Kevlar Armor when the upgrade is purchased, and is in infinite quantity.

Tactical InfoEdit

  • Predator Armor is mid-weight armor base on ADVENT salvage.
  • As a medium-class armor, it provides a slot for one additional inventory item.

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