Power Relay
XCOM2 facility powerrelay
Prerequisites None
Required Resources §80 (§100)
Required Power None
Time to Build 12 days
Monthly Upkeep §10

A Power Relay is a facility in XCOM 2.

Every facility aboard the Avenger requires power to remain operational. Building relays will increase the total power output of the Avenger, allowing for further expansion and upgrades.

– Ingame description

This facility supplies 3 Power; each assigned engineer provides +5 Power. Constructing a Power Relay in an empty room with an Exposed Power Coil will improve the relay's power output by 7.

Upgrade: Power ConduitEdit

Costs: §80 (§100)
Provides: 9 Power, 1 Additional Engineer Slot
Maintenance: §10

Upgrade: Elerium ConduitEdit

Costs: §150 (§300), 20 (35) Elerium Crystals
Provides: 13 Power
Maintenance: §20

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