Plasma Blaster
Requirement Experimental Powered Weapon
Type Heavy Weapon
Ammo 1
Base Damage 7-10
Effective Range 25
Radius 12
Other Notes Pierces through 4 armor

The Plasma Blaster is a heavy weapon in XCOM 2. Like all heavy weapons, it can only be mounted on heavy armor.

This weapon is very similar in function to the Psi Operative's Null Lance ability, and should be used similarly. The Plasma Blaster will fire a large plasma blast in a straight line 1 tile wide and 25 tiles long, piercing all targets. It deals high damage, and will ignore up to 4 armor points. It is useful for dealing damage against armored pod leaders and taking out support troops in the process.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Using technology adapted from the aliens' own plasma weaponry, we've devised a means of releasing a massive, focused pulse of plasma energy that will devastate targets in a fixed path.


Plasma Blaster: Fire your Plasma Blaster.

Tactical InfoEdit

  • The Plasma Blaster releases a beam of devastating energy in a straight line, capable of damaging multiple enemies.
  • Its ammo is limited, so use it only when it will be decisive.

–Inventory description, XCOM 2


  • Base damage is 7-9 with an average of 8 and a 64% chance to get additional point of damage.

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