Piotr Zhedrev is a Russian spy and possible Agent for the Bureau.


Piotr Zhedrev is a Soviet infiltrator and experienced Engineer.

Agent William Carter receives a report from Leon Barnes about an infiltrator found snooping around the Avenger assembly area and wishes him disposed of. Carter can either agree on his termination or engage in conversation. If the player remains friendly, Carter can convince him that the alien threat is global, and implore him to join XCOM's cause, or walk away if he sees fit, though not before being sent "top side" for a quick tour of the Outsider invasion's devastation.

After returning from the mission, Piotr becomes a valuable rank 4 Engineer.


Piotr Zhedrev appears in the game The Bureau: XCOM Declassified and his Russian voice over is provided by Boris Kievsky.


  • During their first encounter, Piotr and Carter will converse in Russian, though when inducted into XCOM he will use the standard English vocal responses in combat.
    • Piotr also uses a generic agent picture in the roster preview, despite having his own character model.
  • Piotr Zhedrev is the first and only Soviet agent under XCOM's command.
  • His name in the Agent Dossier screen is written in the reverse, surname-given name order, as in official documentation, but not in common speech.
    • Piotr's name can be changed at any time after he joins XCOM.


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