Personal Combat Sims are neural enhancements that provide battle boosts to soldiers in XCOM 2.

A Personal Combat Sim (or PCS) provides a permanent upgrade to a soldier's performance, but a soldier can only utilize a single PCS at a time; a soldier can overwrite their selected PCS at any time with a different or higher-grade PCS but the previous PCS will be lost.


Personal Combat Sims can be acquired as random mission loot drops from slain enemies, or purchased from the Black Market by paying with Intel.

PCS can only be installed once the Guerrilla Tactics School facility is constructed.

PCS TypesEdit

Each Personal Combat Sim comes in three qualities: Basic, Advanced and Superior, with the Advanced and Superior versions providing enhanced effects. All PCSs can be strengthened further by buying the Integrated Warfare enhancement from the Guerrilla Tactics School (augmented values in brackets).

Below are the known types of Personal Combat Sims:

Personal Combat Sim Icon Effect Basic Advanced Superior
PCS: Speed
XCOM2 PCS Speed icon
+ Mobility 1 (2) 2 (3) 3 (4)
PCS: Conditioning
XCOM2 PCS Conditioning icon
+ Hit Points 1 (2) 2 (3) 3 (4)
PCS: Focus
XCOM2 PCS Focus icon
+ Will 10-15 (13-20) 15-20 (20-27) 20-25 (27-33)
PCS: Agility
XCOM2 PCS Agility icon
+ Dodge 10-15 (13-20) 15-20 (20-27) 20-25 (27-33)
PCS: Perception
XCOM2 PCS Perception icon
+ Aim 4-6 (5-8) 7-10 (9-13) 12-16 (16-21)


  • Spare Sims can be sold at the Black Market, they will even show interest in them from time to time. This is an odd occurrence because the store info page of PCS Chips clearly states that the people working for the black market have little use for them though it is possible they are purchasing them to resell.
  • Upon a soldier's promotion, the Will bonus from a Focus sim is applied before the game checks if the cap of 100 has been reached, and if it has, that soldier gains no increase to Will.  Therefore, using a Focus sim before max rank can be detrimental.  For example, a +20 Focus sim is applied to a low-level soldier, which eventually reaches maximum rank and very likely has Will capped at 100.  At that point, swapping the Focus sim for a different type (such as Perception) leaves that soldier with 80 Will.
  • The Guerilla Tactics School Integrated Warfare upgrade works retroactively, and will boost a PCS that has already been applied to a soldier.


  • There was a bug where soldier's stats could be raised by repeatedly swapping sims; it worked on Aim, Will and Dodge with the last sim the soldier used boosting the relevant stat by 1 when swapped. This issue was fixed with the game's 4th Patch.

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