Panic is a status effect in XCOM 2. Units which panic will behave unpredictably, moving, hunkering down, or attacking at random. As Panic automatically uses the unit's moves, they are are unavailable for use until the following turn, unless treated by a Specialist's Revival Protocol or a Psi Operatives' Solace.

Panic can be caused in a number of different ways. Most notably, panic has a chance to occur:

  • XCOM Soldiers
    • when the soldier is wounded.
    • when another soldier in the squad is killed, wounded, or critically wounded (bleeding out).
    • from a Sectoid's Mindspin attack.

Chances to panic from non-psionic attacks are entirely dependent on a unit's Will stat; the higher the Will of a unit, the less likely they are to panic in situations where they would panic.

Mechanical units cannot suffer Panic.

Shaken soldiers have an effective will of 0, meaning they are very likely to panic when conditions are met.


  • Panicked units automatically preform random actions.
  • Duration = 1

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