Panic is a status effect in XCOM 2. Units which panic will behave unpredictably, moving, hunkering down, or attacking at random. As Panic automatically uses the unit's moves, they are unavailable for use until the following turn, unless treated by a Specialist's Revival Protocol or a Psi Operative's Solace.

Panic can be caused in a number of different ways. Most notably, panic has a chance to occur:

  • XCOM Soldiers
    • when the soldier is wounded.
    • when another soldier in the squad is killed, wounded, or critically wounded (bleeding out).
    • from a Sectoid's Mindspin attack.
    • from a Spectre's Horror attack.

Chances to panic from non-psionic attacks are entirely dependent on a unit's Will stat; the higher the Will of a unit, the less likely they are to panic in situations where they would panic.

Mechanical units cannot suffer Panic.

A Mindshield will make a soldier immune to Panic.

Shaken soldiers have an effective will of 0, meaning they are very likely to panic when conditions are met.

War of the ChosenEdit

In XCOM 2: War of the Chosen, Panic is replaced with Battle Madness for soldiers. While it is at its core the same effect (performing random actions), Battle Madness takes four different forms that dictate which type of actions they may take.

  • Panic still exists and causes the soldier to take completely random actions.
  • Berserk causes the soldier to take offensive actions like throwing grenades or shooting enemies.
  • Shattered causes the soldier to take more defensive actions like moving into higher cover or Hunkering Down.
  • Obsessed can only be triggered by Fear-type Negative Traits and causes them to take offensive actions against their feared enemy.

Battle Madness can be caused by:

  • Resisting Mind Control.
  • Getting the effect from Mindspin.
  • Rolling for it from a Negative Trait.
  • When a unit is Tired and they or their allies take damage, or an ally is killed.
  • When a soldier's bond mate is killed.


  • Panicked units automatically perform random actions.
  • Duration = 1