As XCOM: Enemy Unknown is based on Unreal Engine 3, it is possible to for users to mod PC versions of the game, allowing for a player to tweak (or cheat) the campaign to their liking.

Name changesEdit

Accessing the XComGame.ini file can allow changes to the names of Soldier Ranks, equipment, and much more in the game.

Core moddingEdit

The DefaultGameCore.ini file is embedded in:
[program files]\Steam\steamapps\common\XCom-Enemy-Unknown\Binaries\Win32\XComGame.exe

By using Resource Hacker from the original site or nexusmod a user can access the settings.

NOTE: Changes to this file can cause game crashes or file corruption.


Location: %userprofile%\my games\xcom - enemy unknown

Removing startup moviesEdit

Line 2264-2270 add a semicolon in front of those lines.


Turn: StartupMovies=Logo_2KFiraxis

Into: ;StartupMovies=Logo_2KFiraxis

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