Overwatch is an ability in XCOM 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Overwatch provides a reactionary shot that targets any hostile unit moving within the available detection range. All XCOM units possess this ability, as do the ADVENT forces and many of the alien species we encounter on the battlefield.


When Overwatch is activated it ends the soldier's turn. If any hostile units move into the soldiers field of vision while active, the soldier will automatically attack that target (this is called an "Overwatch shot"). Only one Overwatch shot may normally happen (see abilities below). Overwatch remains active until the start of the player's next turn, unless the soldier has attacked an enemy.

Overwatch has default aim penalty. Overwatch hit chance is x0.7 of base hit chance or x0.6 against a dashing enemy. This penalty does not apply if the user activated Overwatch while in Concealment.

Rather than triggering all at once on a single target like in Enemy Unknown, Overwatch in XCOM 2 triggers in sequence. Each soldier will fire in turn, choosing a new target if the first is killed, until there are no more valid Overwatch targets.

Abilities Related to OverwatchEdit

  • Guardian - Gives Overwatch a 50% chance to trigger multiple times if successful.
  • Shadow Step - Grants immunity to enemy Overwatch.
  • Long Watch - Allows the Sharpshooter to Overwatch shot at enemies in Squad Sight.
  • Deep Cover - Does NOT override Overwatch at the end of player's turn. (Needs confirmation, tested on specialist class using AWC).
  • Covering Fire - Allows Overwatch to be triggered by any enemy action.
  • Threat Assessment - Aid Protocol now gives the target Covering Fire.
  • Ever Vigilant - Activates Overwatch automatically at the end of the player's turn, if the soldier has dashed (spent both actions on movement).
  • Suppression - Performs a Overwatch shot if the target moves.
  • Killzone - Allows the Sharpshooter to take multiple Covering Fire-like Overwatch shots with its Sniper Rifle, within the cone-of-effect.


  • Ambushing from Concealment - By activating Overwatch on Concealed soldiers, and then using another soldier to attack an unaware enemy pod in some other way, all your Overwatching soldiers get to shoot the scampering enemies while they are out of cover, with no aim penalty, as their Concealment breaks. Killzone and Guardian work well with this tactic.


  • Overwatch costs one action but always ends the soldier's turn if used.
  • If Sharpshooter has moved, reloaded, or triggered Death From Above, it may not Overwatch with its Sniper Rifle on the same turn.
  • Be careful when using Overwatch around friendly Mind Controlled soldiers.