TheBureau-News from the front

Rumbles of terror - Novato, CaliforniaEdit

We are receiving reports of devastating earthquakes in the San Francisco area. The damage to infrastructure and resulting fires in the major naval port has cost 82 lives and damaged one of our battleships, the USS North Carolina. Our analysts theorize that the seismic activity may be the result of more Outsider "terraforming" along the San Andreas faultline.

Trouble in the streets - New York, New YorkEdit

Major communication line have been cut off with New York City, but recon patrols and operatives provide multiple, conflicting reports. State emergency in the city appears to have shut down the docks and many major roadways, with sleeper agents in position to starve the city as infection spreads. Operatives in the city are calling on national security preparedness to prevent rioting.

Global tensions - Miami, FloridaEdit

Much of the population fears, the communication outage is evidence of an impending Communist attack, none more than the residents of Miami, who have long suspected that Communist Cuba is allying with the USSR. Several independent reports suggest combat on the air and ground on the distant island. Operatives have evacuated many resident to fallout shelters, under the pretense of a nuclear threat from Cuba.

Deluge - Portland, OregonEdit

Operatives in Portland, Oregon report rumors that nearby town of Vanport City has been destroyed by flooding after the breach in the dike holding back the nearby Columbia River. Some reports mention strange new construction in the area, possibly responsible for the breach, but they all agree on one fact: no survivors have been found of the town's 40,000 residents.

Terror on the river - Memphis, TennesseeEdit

Rumors have spread of a "mysterious watchtower" being constructed in the nearby village of Blytheville, prompting the National Guard to build a makeshift defensive perimeter around the city of Memphis. Meanwhile, some claim that strange black sludge has been floating in the Mississippi river – sometimes moving against the current.

Sleepwalker research - Ft. Detrick, MarylandEdit

An isolated team of army scientist at the nation's most advanced biological weapons facility have barricaded themselves in their laboratory as they research the Sleepwalker infection. Our operatives have been unable to observe their progress, a they are extremely secretive and paranoid of potential infiltrators – even refusing deliveries of food and supplies from he outside.

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