Neural Feedback
Neural Feedback Icon
Gene Mod
Type Brain
Alt. Choice Neural Damping
Neural Feedback

Neural Feedback is one of the Gene Mods in XCOM: Enemy Within.


Causes damage to psi attackers and puts all of their psi attacks on cooldown. Does not reduce the attacker's chance of success.


This Gene Mod is available after completing the Sectoid Commander Autopsy research.

Cost: §35, XComEW Meld symbol small10


  • Activates when a unit is targeted by a directly-cast Psionic ability, whether it succeeds or not. Does 1 damage, plus 1 for every 10 Will. High willed soldiers are ideal candidates.
  • Works even if the soldier dies from the attack.
  • Killing an alien with Neural Feedback will grant the "Mental Minefield" achievement.

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