Neural Damping
Neural Damping Icon
Gene Mod
Type Brain
Alt. Choice Neural Feedback
Neural Damping

Neural Damping is one of the Gene Mods in XCOM: Enemy Within.


Grants a soldier +20 Will when defending against a psionic attack, and becomes panic immune. If the soldier is successfully Mind Controlled, the control is cancelled and the soldier is rendered unconscious for one turn.


This Gene Mod is available after completing the Berserker Autopsy research.

Cost: §35, XComEW Meld symbol small20


  • Useful for high-ranking soldiers who have low of Will as a result being grievously wounded on multiple missions, such as a Colonel with 50 Will or less.
  • Useful on soldiers who pack lots of AoE power which could potentially wipe out the squad, such as a Blaster Launcher-equipped Heavy with Rocketeer.


  • If a unit on Overwatch is rendered unconscious, it will still try to fire on moving targets. Since this unit cannot fire, the game will be sent into an infinite loop, requiring the restart of the game.