Prerequisite Battlefield Medicine
Required Resources §50 (§100)
1 (2) Viper Corpse
Range 2
Uses 1

A Nanomedikit is a utility item in XCOM 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

The Nanomedikit represents a substantial upgrade over our standard Medikit, increasing the health restored to injured soldiers.


  • Nanomedikit Heal: Heal up to 6 HP.
  • Stabilize: Stop a soldier from bleeding out.

Tactical infoEdit

  • A Nanomedikit can restore 6HP to a single soldier.
  • Like the base Medikit, a Nanomedikit can remove negative environmental effects from soldiers and can stabilize soldiers that are bleeding out.
  • Carrying a Nanomedikit grants immunity to poison.


  • A more effective medkit. Create and carry once your soldiers start having significant missing HP after a standard medkit is used.

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