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Myron Faulke is the Director of the Bureau of Strategic Emergency Command within the United States Government. Following the alien attack on Groom Range , Faulke renames his organization XCOM.

Director Faulke is first seen giving a briefing to leaders of the United States intelligence community, including J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the FBI, and  General Deems.


Director Faulke personally recruited and regularly communicates Agent William Carter.

Noted as being paranoid by those who report to him, Faulke's stoic, hard-nosed, fact-oriented persona drove the Bureau in such a manner to be referred to as having dictatorial tendencies by William Carter. While this might be the case, the game implies that Director Faulke was willing to relinquish control during one of the four optional endings to The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.

Director Faulke shows no hesitation of doing what he considers needing doing to get the job done, and displays virtually no visible remorse to this end making decisions that otherwise trouble members of XCOM; if he's actually troubled by these choices is another matter, and the director's feelings are unknown to this end.


Myron Faulke appears in the game The Bureau: XCOM Declassified and is voiced by Peter Jessop.

The player briefly assumes control of Faulke at the end of the final mission should Asaru chooses to merge with him. If he is not the chosen character, then at one point the player will be presented with a choice: either going to Faulke's assistance, or the other person (Dr. Weir or Agent Weaver); William Carter will go to the unchosen party's aid. If the player saves Faulke, then the other character will die eventually and vice versa.


Despite holding their fate in his hands, the Director still sees the Zudjari as a threat that needs to be exterminated. Taking control of Mosaic , Faulke orders all Outsider forces to surrender and help with covering up all traces of their presence before having them all executed. With their homeworld devastated, their leader dead and technology lost, Faulke's ending effectively dooms the race to extinction. A cure for the Sleepwalkers is not made, and the infected population eventually dies out due to natural causes.

If Faulke is the chosen host for Asaru, then he will remain as the Director of XCOM following the events of the game, otherwise he relinquishes command to whomever the Ethereal merged with, either by choice or by default (if he dies).


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