For alternate versions this enemy in other XCOM games, see Muton.

The Muton is an alien enemy encountered in XCOM 2. It serves as the aliens' primary frontline unit.

Mutons appear as pod leaders in late April (mid-May on Legend) and as support troops in June (mid-July on Legend).


Much like the Sectoid, the Muton's original form from XCOM: Enemy Unknown has been enhanced with human DNA, creating a new unit that is smaller in raw stature, but no less tough and significantly leaner and more agile. This evolution primarily combines the standard Muton's brute strength with the cunning intellect of the human mind, making the Muton more deadly than ever.

Like its predecessor, the Muton remains a favoured frontline unit for the aliens, and carries a variant of the original's Plasma Rifle. These weapons are equipped with bayonets, making them a dangerous foe in close combat.


  • Suppression: The Muton suppresses a target by continuously firing its plasma rifle, reducing their aim by 30 and using 2 ammo, plus taking an automatic Overwatch shot if the target moves. While this ability is active, the Muton receives a bonus to its defense.
  • Counterattack: Chance to ignore melee damage and instantly respond with a melee strike of their own.
  • Plasma Grenade: the Muton throws a plasma grenade at an entrenched soldier, dealing damage, destroying cover and shredding armor.
  • Execute: Mutons can perform a finishing move on an adjacent stunned enemy.


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