Type Alien Enforcer
Weapon Scatter Laser
Abilities Ground Pound
Durability Very High

The Muton is an enemy in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.


Mutons are massive creatures with huge orange/black armor of varying levels depending on the Muton's rank. It is an extremely dangerous opponent with even a single Muton capable of taking down an unprepared team, even with advanced weaponry. Mutons aren't enslaved by the Zudjari, but are instead mercenaries. 

Mutons posses varying levels of ablative armor that must be destroyed in order to deal any form of substantial damage. Mutons that enter melee range are capable of performing a deadly Pound ability that can one-shot most agents.

Mutons follow their distinctive series trait of being ape-like giants with hairless, pinkish skin, green eyes, and a breathing apparatus.

They are not cloned, like the ones in XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and as such, have a larger degree of free will and intelligence.


Mutons appears quite early into the campaign, both in the base game and the Hangar 6: R&D scenario. Agent William Carter encounters the first Muton in the second mission en route to retrieving Dr. Alan Weir, and Nico DaSilva has to fight one near the end of the First Test.

Tips & TacticsEdit

  • It's best to always keep one's distance and use any means necessary to flank them and juggle them between team members so that they never get too close to any one. For this, skills like Hologram, Mine, Taunt and Drone can be put to good use.
  • It is often not necessary to take off all the armor of a Muton, just the place the player wants to hit him, namely the head. A few well-placed sniper shots will do the trick.
    • Despite dealing heavy damage, the Recon Class' Critical Shot won't work as well against Mutons due to the agents will always aim for the enemy's center of mass (i.e. his chest), where the armor is thickest.
  • If all else fails, Lifting and ordering the entire team to hose a Muton down is also a viable tactic.
  • Regular Mutons are really slow and never sprint, they are also a very large target. This means that skills like Rocket Turret and Plasma Field and Air Strike can make short work of them.


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