Minion Commander
Type Minion Leader
Weapon Plasma Assault Cannon
Abilities Deploy Drone

Spawn Silacoid

Durability High (shielded)

Moderate (unshielded)

A Minion Commander is an enemy in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. The Minion Commander is a Zudjari with a strong shield and a bulbous backpack.


Minion Commanders are elite Zudjari that has the ability to summon Drones and Silacoids to harass the player's agents. They are also protected with personal shields, and carries Plasma Assault Cannons. As is standard of all Zudjari forces, Minion Commanders can throw grenades and are adept at melee combat.

These Commanders are often deployed with lighter infantry units who distracts the player while the Commander hangs back and starts calling in more cronies. They are limited to the aforementioned types of minions, fortunately.

Tips & TacticsEdit

  • A Minion Commander spawns with a strong personal shield, though a Recon Class agent's Critical Shot can make short work of it and deal extra damage to his health. Without the shield, a Minion Commander is not very durable.
  • While it is often muscle memory to shoot at the enemy Drones as they appear, it would be much faster and more effective to target the Commanders themselves. Once a Commander is neutralized, his minions will die instantly.
    • ​If taking out the minions is unavoidable, such as when the team is being overrun, or a fellow agent is being lifted out into the open by a Drone, then focus on the closest threats first and then the Commander second.


Agent Carter first encounters Minion Commanders late in the game, though they make an early appearance in the Hangar 6: R&D campaign and can spawn as early as the Second Test.

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