Type MEC Weapon
Class MEC Trooper
Cost None
Ammo Reloadable
Base Damage 4 - 6
Critical Damage 8 - 10
Critical Chance 10%
Terrain Damage 60
Effective Range Medium

The Minigun is a new MEC-only weapon in XCOM: Enemy Within.


The Minigun the default weapon for MECs, and as a conventional weapon, it is available in unlimited supply.


  • Effective range: Medium
  • 4-6 base damage
  • 10% critical chance
  • 8-10 critical damage

Tactical InfoEdit

  • Only equipped by MEC Troopers
  • Risk of catastrophic overheating precludes suppression with this weapon


  • The claim regarding overheating making it unsuitable for suppression is unusual, as the multiple barrel rotary block design is favored specifically because each barrel fires fewer rounds for a similar or higher total rate of fire than a conventional system, reducing heat build-up. A better alternative reason would have stated that the high cyclic rate of fire means that ammunition consumption is too high for delivering prolonged suppression fire.
  • This is not to be confused with the Minigun used by the S.H.I.V., which is actually slightly more powerful than the larger version used by the MEC Trooper, and, even stranger, is capable of providing suppression fire.

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