Mimic Beacon

The Mimic Beacon is a new item introduced in XCOM: Enemy Within.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

This device has been programmed to mimic the auditory cues the invaders appear to use in the field. It can be used to attract their attention to an area.

– Engineering description, XCOM: Enemy Within

Production SpecificationsEdit

XComEW Mimic Beacon on ground

Mimic Beacon

Prerequisites: Sectoid Commander Autopsy (Research)

Production Time: Immediate

Production Cost:

Tactical InfoEdit

  • Thrown like a grenade
  • Emits sounds that correspond to alien tactical cues
  • Causes aliens within radius to approach the beacon for 2 turns
  • Enemies already in combat are less likely to be fooled


  • Tossed like a grenade, this item emits a signal that tricks aliens into approaching it. Does not fool robotic, psionic, or EXALT enemies.
  • Two uses per mission (Support class soldiers get three uses with Deep Pockets).
  • This device can be useful:
    • To draw enemies out of cover.
    • During Terror Site missions, to draw enemies towards it rather than allowing them to kill unseen civilians in a distant part of the map.
    • Shortly before the end of the Site Recon mission, to temporarily distract the Chryssalids and facilitate the squad's escape to the extraction zone.

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